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Rename multiple files on your PC

Rename-It! can rename in seconds multiple files, that can be in different folders. It is incorporated in the Windows Shell (via Explorer's context menu). Before renaming files, Rename-It checks the files' names. The renaming itself is done by filters:

Search & Replace: Replace a string by another. Support Regular expressions and Wildcards.
Case: Make the file name uppercase, lowercase, ...
Crop: Only keeps a part of the file name.
ID3 Tag: For the MP3 files, read the ID3 informations and rename the file with your own criteria.

Some Key Features of "Rename-It are:

  • Rename files from the Explorer
  • RegExp and wildcards
  • Advanced enumations system (01, 02, 03...)
  • Unicode support
  • MP3 ID3 v1 & v2 tags
  • From simple to advanced usage with preset filters
  • Check filenames before renaming and allow manual fixing

Get it for Free at https://beroux.com/english/softwares/renameit/