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Best online audio storage and sharing service.

Have you wanted to put your own audio or podacst on yo your website to share with the world but ran into technical difficulties on trying to figure out how to do it? Well your problems are now solved with the

Audiomack is the place for artists to effortlessly share their music and for fans to discover and download free songs and albums. Use it for podcasting, basically means broadcasting your show and lectures online. This service is really free no upgarde to pro account and all that. They make money by having artist sell tracks through website.

You can upload your audio file, pod cast. lectures and more with a simple clicl on your PC.

Once you have uploaded your audio file you can get the embed code and put it into your website page. The great thing you don't have to worry about your audio working on a specific web browser or on a mobile device, it will work. You can also make a play list with your audio files. Your visitors can download the audio (that is if you want them to).

The audio file max size is limited to 250mb per song. and  support the following audio file types: MP3, WAV, AIFF, OGG, and M4A. This is great for the non-technical and also for not for profit organizations who want to post (podcast) lectures and meetings. Forget about Souncloud, the expensive service that is not user friendly, the free version is useless with a 3 hours of audio limit.

Visit https://www.AudioMack.com/ today.

And did I tell you its FREE.